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Keep the knowledge of your customers up to date with the best microlearning solution!

What is GoTom?


Full service Microlearning

Together with you, we bring and keep the knowledge of your customers up2date in a personal and playful way

Attractive questionnaire modes

GoTom generates personal and playful questionnaires for your customers from a rich knowledge library.

Continuous process

Every day we distribute the pieces of knowledge mobile and online to the employees of your customers.

Always Top-Of-Mind

The knowledge of your customer's employees is always up2date.
Microlearning experience

Join this new proven way of learning

Relieve your workload

Easy to use platform

Attractive platform

Modern design, easy to set up and with a user-friendly app and dashboard

Pay as you grow model

Monthly/yearly subscription per user

Smart addition

Microlearning is an effective and smart addition to the classroom and e-learning offer.

  • Knowledge is not central, but the user
  • Easily share and measure continuous knowledge
  • Effective addition to existing learning offer

Follow the progress

View personal and group growth over time and implement new forms of dynamic knowledge testing formats from the user-friendly dashboard

Enrich the learning process!

These companies preceded you.

Boost the learning process of your customers!

Start with Microlearning today.

GoTom is changing the way we learn. Explore the possibilities with us to make microlearning part of your organization.

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